Frequently asked questions



What is a sector plan?


A sector plan is a plan that allows you to locate your land in the surrounding environment. For example, you can see roads and highways, schools or other infrastructure.


Can you become an owner when you are not Senegalese?


Yes, it is possible to become an owner in Senegal even if we are not Senegalese

What is a cadastral plan ?:


A cadastral map is a map that shows the geographic location of the land with precise coordinates, its surface, its dimensions and the plots that border it. On the cadastral map is a unique identification number called nicad



What is serviced land? :


It is administratively secure land and has access to its electricity, water and sanitation network on its site.



What is a "sentence":


it is a physical achievement on the ground that shows its development. For example: the anglettes and the name panel, a well, a fence, a building ...

What is a NICAD:


Numeric, specific cadastral identification number, allocated to each lot in order to identify and secure it. This number refers to a certain amount of information concerning the land (location, area, owner, contact details, etc.)

What is a sitemap:


Map delimiting the land and showing its geographical location on a specific subdivision plan. It is established by an authorized technician.