Who am I? About me

Hi, I am Aminata and I am currently based in “La Somone, Senegal”. I founded Demay Real Estate Consulting to help you to invest. I am from the diaspora and I know the problems we encounter when we want to invest in our mother countries in Africa and the demotivation which ends to give up on any investment opportunities. Yet Africa is the future which as to be prepare now! For these reasons, I moved to Senegal as it is difficult to invest from distance. I'm lucky to have a local facilitators network that you can rely on to make your money work for you while you asleep. I know that the lack of trust is a major obstacle for us, the diaspora. Now you've got me and you can trust me.

Move forward with confidence!

Aminata FATY

Hi, I am Amadou Ba. I am living in Mbour on the "Petite Côte", where I grew up. I have seen the birth and rapid growth of the wonderful seaside resort Saly. I also witnessed the dazzling development of the coastal villages which all became modern tourist towns in only a few years.

Mbour is also developing very fast! It is the main tourist area of Senegal and home to the airport, the future port Harbor and highways. These developments encourage an enormous potential that is only waiting to be exploited. When I co-founded Demay Real Estate Consulting with Aminata FATY, I committed to share my knowledge of this region with the diaspora so that they can seize the tremendous opportunities it offers.

Amadou BA